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- About Bijou Blessings -

Who is Bijou?


My name is Julia Pounds, but have been known as Bijou since I was 12 years old! I am a Francophile, and spiritual healer through nature's craft. This is my seventh year teaching French at the high school level. I have considered myself lucky to have an opportunity to connect with the youth of today through cultural and self exploration. There is a special place in my heart for kids, and all the things they go through growing up in our modern world. As a certified aromatherapist and herbalist, I provide herbal healing techniques, combined with Moon phase energy and meditative practices to apply what I call Energetistic Apothecary healing. Energy plus herbal healing! 

I hold holistic wellness events that feature meditation, self- attunement, and self-empowerment. Based in the South Jersey area, you can find me anywhere from South Jersey, AC, Delaware, Philadelphia, the Poconos, North Jersey, or New York City!

Bijou's Qualifications


2016- Aromatherapy Certification- Aroma Studio

2017- Reiki Levels I & II- Blue Moon Wellness

2019- Yoga Teacher Training 200 hr- Blissful Yoga

2019- Herbalism Certification- Spirit to Sole Connection

Bijou is a member of the National Association of Holistic Aromatherapy, the Yoga Alliance and the American Herbalists Guild.

Mission Statement


Bijou Blessings nourishes the body and mind through the sense of smell with medicines made from quality essential oils and natural ingredients. We strive to offer purposeful self-care products that connect and support physical, emotional and spiritual well being. People of all ages and backgrounds will easily find balance with our natural recipes. Our customers enjoy a convenient and customized shopping experience that ensures quality and safety, while supporting a natural and balanced lifestyle.

What we make and do

Bijou Blessings' products are all natural, cruelty free and hand made. Our blends are intended to achieve an effect on the mind, body and spirit, to nourish and balance well being.

Bijou Blessings makes it so you can incorporate essential oils into your life, without the fluff larger companies include to increase prices. Our products are pure and simple, with minimal packaging and no filler ingredients or preservatives. This ensures a high quality and affordable product!

Our products are featured in local art shows, and festivals. You may also order online. With quick and easy access, you never need to be without your oils!


In addition to the original recipes, we can make you a custom product! Please fill out the form if you would like a custom blend based on your needs.

Why go all natural?


Your skin needs moisture to look its best and be most healthy. Commercial products are full of dyes, silicons, plastics, and more, that fluff out those products while providing no nourishment. Our product has no useless ingredients. Natural oils clean and nourish the skin, without leaving any residue.


Essential oils have been used by many cultures, ancient and contemporary. They are not FDA approved to treat or cure any disease since they are considered holistic; they are known to hold healing powers that affect the mind, body and spirit. Bijou Blends offers contemporary access to an ancient craft, with powerful combinations for the needs of today.